Product After Care

Product After Care

To keep your Jewellery looking at it’s very best we recommend the following guidelines:


 Always put your Jewellery on last after applying make-up, perfume, hair products and


 Remove Jewellery before showering or swimming as soap and chlorine can damage or

discolour your Jewellery.

 Remove before doing housework, DIY or gardening.

 Store carefully to avoid tangles and damage to your Jewellery.

 Remove before going to bed.

 Handle your Jewellery with care and patience.

 Check your Jewellery often for evidence of general wear and tear on clasps and fasteners.


 Wear when bathing, showering or swimming.

 Wear in bed.

Wear when exercising, housework, DIY or gardening.

 Do not allow contact with perfume, make-up, hair products, hairspray and body lotions.

Sterling silver

Sterling Silver is a precious metal that will naturally tarnish over time, to remove this tarnish clean

with a specialist Jewellery cleaning cloth. The best way to keep it looking great is to wear it often.

Yellow gold and rose gold plated sterling silver should be treated with care, after time the plating

may fade slightly, the Jewellery should be stored in a pouch separate from other Jewellery to

protect the longevity of the finish. Layering will wear the finish so ideally, they should be worn on

their own to prolong the plating.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a precious metal that has a natural warmth and lustre that can be kept clean by

using a specialist gold cleaner as well as a Jewellery cleaning cloth. Items can also be polished

by your jeweler.

White Gold

White gold is a precious metal enhanced by Rhodium Plating (a member of the platinum family)

which with wear will fade over time, therefore White Gold requires a higher maintenance to retain

it’s cool lustre. To restore this cool lustre re rhodium plating can be completed periodically by

your professional jeweller.



All pearls, whether cultured, freshwater or simulated require delicate care. They are particularly

sensitive to acids in skin and chemicals in beauty products and perfumes. Therefore, pearls

should always be put on last and should be wiped with a soft cloth after each wear. You should

inspect the stringing of your pearls every six months or so to check for any fraying or wear.